Published - 6 June 2019

Kiosk raises awareness of fight to beat dementia

A new scheme raising awareness of dementia research and the fight to find a cure is touring our extra care schemes.

Join Dementia Research are providing sign-up kiosks in NHS buildings across the country, and we have been sent one to see how it works in a housing scheme.

Ben Williams, practice excellence advisor for Notting Hill Genesis, with the dementia kiosk

It has already been in place at Penfold Street in Westminster, one of our extra care schemes, and will now tour our services and offices to encourage more people to sign up.

As well as being able to sign up, users can watch a short video outlining the work being undertaken to research the illness, or express their interest in finding out more via email or a phone call.

This follows our announcement that Notting Hill Genesis has pledged to be completely Dementia Friendly by 2020 with all members of our executive board, and 90 per cent of staff, trained to be Dementia Friends.

Find out more about the kiosks at Join Dementia Research.

Notting Hill Genesis
Communications, Notting Hill Genesis