Published - 25 February 2019

Statement on ASA decision

Last week, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) upheld a complaint against one of our London Underground adverts from 2018, claiming that it was inaccurate to suggest that living in a shared ownership property constituted being a homeowner. This is our response.

“We strongly disagree with the findings of the ASA on this issue. Leaseholders have always been, and still are, homeowners.  This view is supported by government, whose website has a section on affordable home ownership schemes – including advice on how to buy through shared ownership.

“As the pioneers of shared ownership in 1980, we are incredibly proud that it has given so many residents and families the chance to get on the housing ladder.

“The advert itself consisted of a direct quote from one of our shared owners, explaining that she was happy to own her two bedroom apartment while paying less a month than friends who were living in flat-shares.

“That advert was one part of a wider initial campaign to raise awareness of who Notting Hill Genesis sales are and what we do, but the campaign had already moved on to the next phase prior to us being contacted by the ASA.”

Notting Hill Genesis
Communications, Notting Hill Genesis