Published - 17 October 2018

Statement on London Underground ad campaign

Our attention has been drawn to an article posted online over the weekend regarding our current advertising campaign on the London Underground.

Our London Underground advert

The article falsely claims that we are withdrawing our adverts and that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint that being a leaseholder does not constitute owning your property.

These claims are wholly inaccurate and dishonest. The ASA have made no such judgement regarding the status of leaseholders.

Leaseholders have always been, and still are, homeowners. Whether you have bought an apartment outright in a leasehold block, or you are a shared owner, you are a homeowner.

This view is supported by government, which has a section on Affordable Home Ownership Schemes – including advice on how to buy through shared ownership.

As the pioneers of shared ownership in 1980, we are incredibly proud that it has given so many residents and families the chance to get on the housing ladder.

One element of complaint regarding our advert was subject to an Advisory Note from the ASA. We included a quote from one of our homeowners, who spoke from her own personal experience comparing her monthly outgoings with her friends who are renting a room in a flatshare.

The ASA advised that we should have included a clarification on the two properties being compared, for example where they are located.

The ASA have confirmed to us that this issue wasn’t significant enough to warrant a formal investigation, but we will take their advice on board for future advertisements.

We are very proud of our new campaign and, far from it being withdrawn, we are preparing the launch of its next phase on 22 October.

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Notting Hill Genesis
Communications, Notting Hill Genesis